mgunterThe jail ministry is an outreach ministry of the Lighthouse Baptist Church. It is designed to help aid inmates in gaining knowledge from the Word of God, providing a witness of Jesus Christ’s blessed assurance of salvation to their souls and giving an invitation to our church in order to help grow the desire for change in a person’s life.

Monica has been serving in the jail ministry since 2006. The Lord compelled her to serve in this area primarily because she saw the great need for women to go in to the jails and prisons and teach the female inmates the truths from God’s Word. As the door was opened to be able to serve in this area, the Lord brought to mind how blessed she had been as a child to have been raised in church and taught the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ by hard working, loving parents and how many people have not had such guidance and examples in their lives. Luke 12:48 says …for unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required…and the Lord continues to remind her of what she has been given and how vitally important it is to share this life with others.



Bro Bo Redmon began working in the jail ministry in 2016. Bro. Bo had worked in the court system for more than 4 years and had seen what a great need there is in our local jails. The Lord began opening doors by  allowing him the oppurtunity to get to know the administrators of the jail. After much prayer and labor he was given clearance to began ministering to the inmates. Our goal in this ministry is to see inmates born again and never again find themselves behind bars.
Contact Bo at: (336) 267-3751