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Bro. Bo Redmon:   Born and raised in Asheboro, NC, and is a 1997 graduate of Asheboro High School. In 2000, at 21 years old, Bro. Bo saw himself as a sinner on his way to hell. He asked God to save him in the middle of the night next to his bed. Bro. Bo has been a member of Lighthouse Baptist Church since 2007 and surrendered to preach there in 2011. Bro. Bo is married to his best friend and high school sweetheart Nicole. The Redmon’s have two children, Gabby Jo and Jaxon. The Redmon’s give God all the glory for the way He has blessed their ministry by allowing Bro. Bo to preach in five nursing and assisted living homes in the Asheboro area.

Contact Bo at: (336) 267-3751 buy modafinil cheap


Bro. Kevin Freeman:  Bro Kevin was born in Montgomery County NC and grew up in Seagrove. He graduated from Soutwestern Randolph High School in 1991. He married his high school sweetheart Mrs. Kimberly Stage Freeman and they have three daughters: Leanna, Sierra & Dianna. Grew up in church most of his life, but at the age of 32 realized he had never been truly born again. On September 12th 2005 was gloriously saved in his home. Shortly thereafter The Lord began dealing with him about the call to preach. Bro Kevin surrendered and has been preaching the gospel ever since. Bro Kevin can be reached at: (336) 588-2652

Ministry Schedule:

  • Crossroads Retirment Community in Asheboro


Wayne Brown

Ministry Schedule:

  • Autumn Care in Biscoe
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