4-6 Year Old Sunday School Class

Mrs. Kathy Moore

7-12 Year Old Sunday School Class

Mrs. Mandy Garner

Mrs. Crystal Fields


Kings Kids 7-9 Year Old

Mrs. Tammy Parson

Mrs. Kimberly Freeman


Mrs. Brandy Swaney












Mrs. Kimberly Freeman: Born in Pompton Lakes, NJ but has lived in Asheboro, NC most of her life. Graduated from Southwest Randolph High School in 1993. Married to her high school sweetheart Kevin Freeman and they have 3 precious daughters; Leanna, Sierra and Dianna. In and out of churches most of her life, Mrs. Kimberly began attending Lighthouse Baptist Church in 2005 due to the door to door visitation program. She finally realized her lost condition and was gloriously saved in September 11, 2005 after the Sunday morning service. Mrs. Kimberly is thankful that God has allowed her to serve him in various ways through the years.

Kings Kids 10-12 Year Old

Mrs. Nicole Redmon

Ms. Lauren Seawell


Bro. Bo Redmon



Mrs. Nicole Redmon: As a native of Asheboro, NC, Nicole graduated from Southwestern Randolph High School in 1997 and later married her best friend Bo. They now have two wonderful children, Gabby Jo and Jaxon. At 28 years old, Nicole was saved by God’s marvelous grace at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Seagrove, NC. She has been assisting Mrs. Rikki Beth Poindexter in the youth Sunday School class. She gives God all the glory for the many blessings that He has given to her and her family. Psalms 126:3 “The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.”

Ms. Lauren Seawell:
I want to thank the Lord for saving me. My family started going to Lighthouse when I was about 13. I had made a profession when I was 11 but nothing had changed in my life. All I had was religion and not a relationship. But on May 19, 2011 I got under conviction during a missions conference Bro Scott Caudill was preaching. The Lord convicted me, saved me and changed my life that night! I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve Him!









Bro Bo Redmon: Born and raised in Asheboro, NC, and is a 1997 graduate of Asheboro High School. In 2000, at 21 years old, Bro. Bo saw himself as a sinner on his way to hell. He asked God to save him in the middle of the night next to his bed. Bro. Bo has been a member of Lighthouse Baptist Church since 2007 and surrendered to preach there in 2011. Bro. Bo is married to his best friend and high school sweetheart Nicole. The Redmon’s have two children, Gabby Jo and Jaxon. The Redmon’s give God all the glory for the way He has blessed their ministry by allowing Bro. Bo to preach every Wednesday night in the Kings Kids ministry at Lighthouse Baptist Church.
Contact Bo at: (336) 267-3751 preacherbo_1611@yahoo.com

Teen Sunday School Class

Pastor Michael Poindexter

Mrs. Rikki Beth Poindexter


Bro. Kevin Freeman


Pastor Michael Poindexter was born December 4, 1976 in Asheboro NC. He was born again September 6, 1998 at Gravel Hill Baptist Church in Denton, NC. Shortly after being saved the Lord began to deal with Pastor Poindexter about his call to preach. As many other men can testify, he ran from the call initially, but after about two years finally surrendered. After training for a few years at his home church, he felt lead of the Lord to start a church in Seagrove NC. The building was secured in Feburary of 2005. After about four weeks of renovating the property and knocking on hundreds of doors with the help of many precious friends and co-labours, the first service of the Lighthouse Baptist Church was held. Starting with just his family, the work in Seagrove has been greatly blessed of the Lord. Bro. Michael graduated from the Calvary Baptist Bible College in King NC in 2013. He is married to Rikki Beth Poindexter and they have five children: Seth, Julianna, Lydia, Jacob & Micah.






Bro. Kevin Freeman: Bro Kevin was born in Montgomery County NC and grew up in Seagrove. He graduated from Southwestern Randolph High School in 1991. He married his high school sweetheart Mrs. Kimberly Stage Freeman and they have three daughters: Leanna, Sierra & Dianna. Grew up in church most of his life, but at the age of 32 realized he had never been truly born again. On September 12th 2005 was gloriously saved in his home. Shortly thereafter The Lord began dealing with him about the call to preach. Bro Kevin surrendered and has been preaching the gospel ever since. Bro Kevin can be reached at: (336) 588-2652 precherkevin1611@hotmail.com

College and Career Sunday School

Bro. Heath and Mrs. Monica Gunter


Adult Sunday School

Bro. Zack Garner



Bro. Zack Garner:
Psalms 50:15 – Saved in 2004 & assisting with the adult Sunday School class since Nov. of 2009. “I count it an honor & privilege to serve in the capacity that the Lord has given”